Translational Research & Innovations

Dr. Tiwari is of the opinion that constant change and evolution is required to cope up with the speed of time. Therefore, he, along with all his organizations, carry out extensive work on Translational Research in the area of healthcare services. His organizations conduct various clinical and field trials on a regular basis to generate valuable findings that can help in the improvement of existing tools and equipment. With the members of his team and also collaborations with researchers and experts around the globe, Dr. Tiwari has been working on developing new tools and platforms that can work on Cloud computing and other new-age technologies.

It is his belief that any form of research becomes successful only when it reaches the end user. Therefore, his organizations are also focused on making possible the commercialization of all credible Translational research and innovations.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Impacting The Healthcare Industry?

Over the past few years, the world has witnessed some of the greatest medical advancements and technological innovations. Scientists and innovators around the world are coming with breakthrough discoveries and innovations in every field of life, especially the healthcare industry, medical research, and hospitals management. The days of pain-staking surgeries, long treatment procedures, limited resources, […]

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Why Healthcare Innovation Is Important?

In 1947 when India became a newly independent country the life expectancy in the country was 32 years. Today life expectancy in India is 65 years. The dramatic rise in life expectancy in India is the result of innovation in healthcare. As a matter of fact innovation in healthcare is the reason that more people across […]

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Water, Life, and health – Overcoming the challenge of Global water requirement

Life is non-existent without water. In fact, the complete evolution process of planet earth, all living species – including Homo-sapiens – revolve around water. The development of the world, since the time immemorial, humanity has developed with water being one the prime resource of life. Today, with the man entering the age of digitization and […]

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AI & machine learning algorithms to strengthen medical research, healthcare delivery: Dr Tiwari

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms have bolstered, medical research and healthcare delivery enabling to counter diseases, said Dr Ashutosh Tiwari, chairman and managing director, Vinoba Bhave Research Institute (VBRI). Researchers are coming up with new AI-powered devices that can accurately diagnose diseases. A controlled study has shown that AI learning […]

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Why Building Innovation In Healthcare Is Important?

The innovation in healthcare is the reason that more people across the world today live significantly longer than they did a century ago. However, while significant gains have been made in healthcare services in India much still need to be to bring the quality of healthcare in India at par with global standards. Only by […]

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