Water, Life, and health – Overcoming the challenge of Global water requirement

Life is non-existent without water. In fact, the complete evolution process of planet earth, all living species – including Homo-sapiens – revolve around water. The development of the world, since the time immemorial, humanity has developed with water being one the prime resource of life.

Today, with the man entering the age of digitization and advanced technology, industrialism has taken over and natural water resources are getting consumed at ever-fast pace. With an increase in pollution, a number of water-borne diseases and impurities are posing a serious threat. The wastewater management and wastewater treatment have also posed a great danger to humanity in recent times. Government machinery across the globe are leaving no stone unturned to optimize their water resources and wastewater management systems including the water purification, mineralization of water, consumption regulation, healthcare policy implementation, disease control mechanisms, and water disposal at prime focus in their action plans.

About the author

VBRI Group is an innovative and ambitious organization started by Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari (Chairman and managing director).
VBRI group majorly deals with research, technology and innovation. The technology developed and adopted here is for the betterment of rural area and deals with the issues related to agriculture, health and education. It’s a group of companies, comprises VBRI Foundation, VBRI Education, VBRI Events, VBRI Press and VBRI Technology.

The group-business has witnessed expansion in various domain by providing appropriate solution and consultancy through world class platform.

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