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Advanced Bioelectronic Materials (Advanced Materials Book Series)

Advanced Bioelectronic Materials

Ashutosh Tiwari,Hirak K. Patra , Anthony P. F. Turner

Hardcover: 544 pages     Publisher: WILEY-Scrivener,USA

Language: English            ISBN: 978-1-118-99830-4




From the Editor– 

This book covers the recent advances in the development of bioelectronics systems and their potential application in future biomedical applications starting from system design to signal processing for physiological monitoring, to in situ biosensing.

Advanced Bioelectronic Materials contributions from distinguished international scholars whose backgrounds mirror the multidisciplinary readership ranging from the biomedical sciences, biosensors and engineering communities with diverse backgrounds, interests and proficiency in academia and industry. The readers will benefit from the widespread coverage of the current literature, state-of-the-art overview of all facets of advanced bioelectronics materials ranging from real time monitoring, in situ diagnostics, in vivo imaging, image-guided therapeutics, biosensors, and translational biomedical devices and personalized monitoring.

Description of Book- 

Part 1: Recent Advances in Bioelectronics

1 Micro- and Nanoelectrodes in Protein-Based Electrochemical Biosensors for Nanomedicine and Other Applications

Niina J. Ronkainen

2 Radio-Frequency Biosensors for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecular Binding Systems

Hee-Jo Lee1, Sang-Gyu Kim, and Jong-Gwan Yook

3 Affinity Biosensing: Recent Advances in Surface Plasmon Resonance for Molecular Diagnostics

  1. Scarano, S. Mariani, and M. Minunni

4 Electropolymerized Materials for Biosensors

Gennady Evtugyn, Anna Porfi reva and Tibor Hianik

Part 2 Advanced Nanostructures in Biosensing

5 Graphene-Based Electrochemical Platform for Biosensor Applications

Yusoff Norazriena, Alagarsamy Pandikumar, Huang Nay Ming, and Lim Hong

6 Fluorescent Carbon Dots for Bioimaging

Suresh Kumar Kailasa, Vaibhavkumar N. Mehta1, Nazim Hasan and Hui-Fen Wu

7 Enzyme Sensors Based on Nanostructured Materials

Nada F. Atta, Shimaa M. Ali, and Ahmed Galal

8 Biosensor Based on Chitosan Nanocomposite

Baoqiang Li, Yinfeng Cheng, Feng Xu, Lei Wang, Daqing Wei, Dechang Jia, Yujie Feng, and Yu Zhou

Part 3 Systematic Bioelectronic Strategies

9 Bilayer Lipid Membrane Constructs: A Strategic Technology Evaluation Approach

Christina G. Siontorou

10 Carbon and Its Hybrid Composites as Advanced Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors

  1. T. Senthilkumar, K. Vijaya Sankar, J. S. Melo, A. Gedanken and R. Kalai Selvan

11 Recent Advances of Biosensors in Food Detection Including Genetically Modified Organisms in Food

  1. Varzakas, Georgia-Paraskevi Nikoleli, and Dimitrios P. Nikolelis

12 Numerical Modeling and Calculation of Sensing Parameters of DNA Sensors

Hediyeh Karimi, Farzaneh Sabbagh, Rasoul Rahmani, and M. T. Ahamdi

13 Carbon Nanotubes and Cellulose Acetate Composite for Biomolecular Sensing

Padmaker Pandey, Anamika Pandey, O. P. Pandey and N. K. Shukla

14 Review of the Green Synthesis of Metal/Graphene Composites for Energy Conversion, Sensor, Environmental, and Bioelectronic Applications

Shude Liu, K.S. Hui, and K.N. Hui

Ashutosh Tiwari is Chairman & Managing Director at Institute of Advanced Materials & VBRI Group, Secretary General of the International Association of Advanced Materials and Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Materials Letters. Dr. Tiwari also has several adjuncts and honorary professor titles since 2009. Professor Ashutosh Tiwari has been actively involved in the translational research for building state-of-the-art technological systems to handle key challenges in medical, security, energy supply and environmental issues realized by the integration of artificial intelligence and smart strategies. Currently, Ashutosh works mainly on the technological developments of the range of nanotechnology-enabled new tools, technological breakthroughs, key process, new products designed to transform the energy, IT automation, security, and mass medicine.

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