Graphene : An Introduction to the Fundamentals and Industrial Applications

Graphene An Introduction to the Fundamentals and Industrial Applications

Madhuri Sharon (Editor), Maheshwar Sharon (Editor), Hisanori Shinohara (Foreword by), Ashutosh Tiwari (Series Editor)

Hardcover: 320 pages   Publisher: WILEY-Scrivener,USA

Language: English        ISBN: 978-1-118-84256-0

From the Editors-

As the graphene topic is a broad-reaching and rapidly moving field of research, the aim of this book is therefore to provide information about graphene and its current and future applications that are immediately implementable, relevant and concise. After reading this book, the reader will have sufficient knowledge and background to move forward independently into graphene R&D and to apply the knowledge therein. Although the book will be self-contained, each chapter has copious references to enable further reading, research and exploration of the chapter topics.

Book Description

Chapter 1

The History of Graphene

Chapter 2

Structure and Properties of Graphene

Chapter 3

Nanographene and Carbon Quantum Dots (C-Dots)

Chapter 4

Identification and Characterization of Graphene

Chapter 5

Engineering Properties of Graphene

Chapter 6

Applications of Graphene

Chapter 7

Towards Mass Production of Graphene: Lab to Industry (Scaling Up)

Chapter 8

Direct Transfer or Roll-To-Roll Transfer of Graphene Sheet onto Desired Substrate

Chapter 9

Graphene in Industry, Commercialization Challenges and Economics

About the author

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