Why Building Innovation in Healthcare is Important?

The innovation in healthcare is the reason that more people across the world today live significantly longer than they did a century ago.

However, while significant gains have been made in healthcare services in India much still need to be to bring the quality of healthcare in India at par with global standards. Only by innovating in the sphere of healthcare more Indians can expect to live longer and take better care of their families.

Improving The Quality Of Primary Healthcare In India

The first point of contact in India for most people suffering from an illness is a primary healthcare provider. Access to quality primary health care is much needed in India but the gap between the quality of healthcare available in urban centers and that in the interior of the country is vast. This gap can only be bridged by greater innovation in the delivery of healthcare across India.

Role Of Technology In Improving Healthcare Delivery

Many of the challenges faced by the healthcare industry in India can be overcome only with an innovative use of technology, which means finding ways to bring primary health care providers and patients together.

The number of qualified caregivers in India is also large and bringing families and caregivers together should be regarded as a component of innovation in healthcare in India.

Take A Second, Third Or Fourth Opinion

Innovation in health care demands not only that patients in India have access to a quality primary health care provider, but also to have access to more than 1 primary healthcare provider. Providing people with access to multiple healthcare providers is a subset of innovative healthcare and is much needed in the country.

Reimburse Only After Satisfactory Outcome

Another component of innovative healthcare should be the freedom for patients to reimburse health care providers only after they have been successfully treated. This not only builds trust between patients and doctors but also demands that physicians do their utmost to provide quality care to their patients.

The health economy in India is blossoming as millions not only from developing countries but also from the developed world travel to India for high-quality medical care. Innovations in healthcare have made possible the emergence of India as a global healthcare destination.

This Article was published in The Franchise India  Magzine on 18 September 2018.

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